Paris and some long runs

Been a tough week this week. I had to combine the second hardest week of my 5 month training schedule with quite a bit of travel for work.

First on Sunday I ran my longest run so far, a 25km run along the Schelde. I am hoping to run my marathon around 5:25-5:30min/km and I averaged 5:30 on this one, so was pretty happy with the result!


Then I had two 18km runs planned for the week. Unfortunately, due to a last minute trip to Paris, I split one run into two. Any run is better than no run right?

Firstly I got a 12km tempo lunch run in: 1km at my extensive endurance pace and 1km at my intensive endurance pace and repeat. Tiring but great to work on your speed.

Then in Paris the day after, I got up 45mins early, around 06:15 and took off towards the Seine. It’s amazing how many people are awake and out at that time, it seems like most of Paris gets up early for a morning run. Which I can completely understand, it’s a great way to start your day. Although you might encounter some dodgy areas if you don’t quite know your way.

Yesterday I managed to get back on track. I was so close to just relaxing on the settee, but being so close to the marathon, it was relatively easy to convince myself not to be a lazy bastard. The weather was amazing, the legs were good and even though there were moments of boredom, the feeling afterwards was amazing again. I also managed my quickest 10 miles time (1:22) and averaged 5:10min/km over the 18km! And although I was happy the run was over, I wasn’t really tired, which is a good sign.


Tomorrow I have another 25km planned, a run I need to do at race pace. Based on this run, my doctor will help me map out my marathon. Next appointment is this Thursday.

This week I’m travelling again, but this time to Switzerland. I have a 2h run I need to do and have already checked what route I can take. Looks like a fun one, quite hilly but toward the Lugano lake! I’m expecting some beautiful scenery. It’s one of the things I love about running (and cycling), you get to see parts of countries that you normally would never encounter.

The countdown has now well and truly begun. Tomorrow it will be exactly three weeks until Amsterdam. Nerves are definitely setting in already. But I do feel quite ready and well prepared. Excited to see what the actual day will bring.

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