The road to Ironman has begun

You know that feeling after an achievement that you can tackle any challenge? Well it can lead to decisions which will have a profound impact on your life. And it can start from something really small. A year ago in January we started running at lunch with a few colleagues. 10km killed us. So much... Continue Reading →

Getting closer to the next one

Training has been going OK the past few months. I've done my best to incorporate a swim and a bike ride weekly whilst continuing my running. I'm averaging 30-40kms per week usually so with 10 weeks to go until the Antwerp marathon on 22 April, I need to increase this to about 60km/week minimum. That's the... Continue Reading →

The importance of setting goals

Back in April, two colleagues and I set a goal of running the Amsterdam marathon. 6 months later, all three of us completed the challenge. Any previous training sequence I had begun, had always failed. I either got bored of running or 1 week of inactivity lead to 2, 3, 4,... which meant I always... Continue Reading →

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